Underwater Photo Tutorials
Subscription Costs and Features
Here's what your subscription includes:

1. Tutorials on Adobe Photoshop CS 6, CS5, CS4, CS3 and CS2.

2. Tutorials on all versions of Adobe Lightroom.

3. Tutorials on Adobe Elements 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 5.

4. New tutorials monthly.

5. As new software is released, we will offer tutorials so that you can stay ahead or make decisions on whether to upgrade.

6. Tutorials on Underwater Still Photography and Topside Still Phototgraphy.

7. Tutorials on Underwater Video and Topside Videography.

8. Tutorials on specialized underwater photography topics by some the finest photographers in the underwater field. Guest lecturers will include top names like Ernie Brooks, Stan Waterman, Carl Roessler, Geri Murphy, Jack & Sue Drafahl, Jim & Pat Stayer, Michel Gilbert & Danielle Alary and more to come.

9. A Question and Answer section.

10. A feedback form to request topics for upcoming tutorials.

11. A 30% discount on the purchase of any DVD Tutorial.

The cost for a one-year subscription is only $199.
Here's your chance to learn more about all these topics at your own speed. You can stop, start and review the tutorials time and time again. As a subscriber, you can log on anytime you have a computer and internet.
So what are you waiting for?
For an additional fee, optional services will also be available for members: personalized tutorials so you can see your images being edited, personalized critiques of a selection of your underwater images, custom printing, slide scanning and more.


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